Experience Vandal

UK based artist HUSH draws influence from graphic novels, animation and the fleeting quality of street art; his mix of anime-inspired characters and pop-infused imagery has been described as Urban Abstract Pop. HUSH originally trained as a graphic designer and illustrator at Newcastle School of Art and Design, but his love of street art goes back to his youth, when in his formative years he made posters for rave/dance nights, “I’ve always been interested in how graffiti was being reintroduced and how it was influencing styles and fonts, but never really being accepted as its own art form”. Now street art continues to influence his gallery work. His central focus is the female form; he is also interested in the contrasts between old and new and the fusion of Eastern and Western culture. HUSH’s technique combines various street art approaches with traditional art practices. His canvases mimic city walls once adorned with layers of wheat pasted images, tags and painting. As a result, his mixed-media pieces are a combination of hand-painting, screen-printing, spray-painting and collaging.

To bring the allure and energy of street art to VANDAL, TAO Group commissioned HUSH to curate the restaurant’s wallscape.  HUSH organized seven massive site-specific murals throughout the restaurant, each reflecting the range and dynamism of contemporary, global street art, while paying homage to the Bowery’s rich artistic history. In addition to HUSH, famed artists like Shepard Fairey, Apexer, Tristan Eaton, Eelus, Vhils and Will Barras all contributed the other six massive murals to the project.