Experience Vandal

Humorous and sinister, beautiful and haunting, a daring mixture of light and dark, Eelus is a stencil artist who combines his background in graphic design and illustration with mysterious images of science fiction, estates, female forms, and the bizarre, he is considered a master of the street art scene.

Inspired by life, death, love, romance, fantasy, reality, truth and lies, Eelus’ work is instantly recognizable, with its bold, bright and sharp colors.

With a particular fondness for Star Wars, his subject matter pays homage to classic magazine covers, iconic book titles, comics and drawings. The advantage of street art, Eelus says, is the idea that it can prompt discussion and thinking in someone who wouldn’t normally discuss of think about art.

Eelus’ work at VANDAL can be seen in the Secret Garden; a large-scale piece that depicts a mysterious winged female figure and other winged black crows watch over the hidden dining room.